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Dynamics of Ego

This story was shared to me by my wonderful friend Anto Wilson.


There was a pile of stones near a palace. Some kids were playing out there and one of them picked a stone and tossed it towards the palace. The heap of stones was downwards, and a stone began to rise up to the sky. Stones also have the desire to travel to the sky. Wherever there is Ego, the desire to visit the sky is born. When the stone started to rise upwards, it was filled with joy. And it said haughtily to the stones lying down, “Folks, I’m going to travel to the sky”.

Pay a little attention to its words! It said I’m going to travel to the sky. It was thrown but it said, “I’m going”. This was not the actuality, the stone was not going, it was thrown- an unknown child’s hand had thrown it, but he said, “I’m going”.

There seems a little difference in these two things- ‘I am thrown’ and ‘I am going’. These two things seem alike. The difference seems to be slight, but the difference is huge – there is much more gradual difference – same as that between ego and no-ego. Ego was born. When I’m going, while going is being done by me, then I have become something specific. Stones, those which unable to go towards the sky are futile, became nobodies. I have become somebody; to be something is born. The rest that lying down, are nothing, they could not fly in the sky, they don’t have power; I am not common, I have become extraordinary, someone special.

The stone rose up. The stones below became green with envy. But the denial was of no worth, the stone was just going upwards. Also difficult it was to state that it was lying; the fact was evident that it was going. Then the stone rose up and hit the window pane of the palace. And by the hit the glass was shattered. When stone hits the glass, the glass is shattered, this would be. Stone does not break glass; it is the nature of glass. The two clash and the glass is shattered. But when the glass was shattered, the stone laughed and said, “Stupid! Don’t you know, what comes my way, I crush!

The glass was shattered, not by the stone. The stone didn’t require any effort to shatter the glass, not even a little bit. The glass was just shattered. The glass, as it has to be, like his nature, knocked down. It was not broken by the stone. But the stone said, “I crush!”

The ego speaks the same language. Nobody come in my way, otherwise I will crush! Glass fragments would have been left crying. They also have wanted to say something, but there was no room for them. And it was not even lie, the glass was broken. How can anybody say that it was wrong.

The stone fell down on Iranian carpet of the palace, invaluable carpets were spread in the palace. The stone felt relief and said, “Seemingly, the people in this house are very sane. It looks like the news of my arrival is already broken, carpets etc. are distended.” People of the house had not even an iota of doubt that a stone could approach there. The Iranian carpets were not laid there to welcome the stone. But the stone said – and who would refuse to the stone, there was not anyone – the stone said in his mind, “Of course, the people at home did know that I am to come. And why not, I am no ordinary stone but which flies in the sky. Naturally, they would arrange for my reception.”

And then a guard would have heard the sound of breaking glass, he came in rushed, he picked up the stone in his hand. The stone said in its language, “Thank you very much; I am very grateful. It appears that the palace’s owner is honored by holding him in his hand. The guard was about to throw the stone but the stone thought that the owner is thus honored.

The ego thinks within just itself and live; it only reinforces itself within and keeps on becoming strong. It is a process, going on within, that gradually keep on making itself strong. The stone is just going to strengthen its ego. All the facts are going to become its nutrients- facts that had nothing to do with its ego at all. The guard lifts up the stone and throws down. But the stone did not say that it is being hurled out of the palace. When one is thrown back from a palace, does one ever say that he has been thrown? He says, “I relinquished the palace.”

The stone also had in his mind that enough I’ve stayed in your palace; take care of your palace! I miss home, I miss friends. Be with your palace! Maybe your palace good! But that thing is even different. To live under the open sky, moon and stars – That bliss is of its kind! I am back.

The stone was being thrown down, but it said, “I’m going back.” When he began to fall back down to the pile of stones, the below stones were just gazing. With the return and the fall, the stone said, “Friends, missed you a lot! There were organized ceremonies and receptions in the large and larger palaces, the big and bigger emperors were honored by the hand shake. But no! I felt so much homesick that I have to make my mind to be back. The stones would have presented garlands, must have revered and likely have said that you are an incarnated one among us, the salt of the earth, the great soul, we are blessed to be born in your times. You must write your autobiography so that the children could be benefitted; they can read and learn from your life.


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